NanoHive Announces Significant Expansion of Patent Portfolio

May 16, 2022

NanoHive Medical today announced the expansion of its patent portfolio with the issuance of patent number US11,253,368 B2, Methods of Designing High X-Ray Lucency Lattice Structures. The patent is the 16th issued patent for NanoHive, and represents a broad piece of intellectual property related to the radiolucency of interbody structures and the ability to monitor progression towards an interbody fusion. These structures include a variety of lattices, including the patented NanoHive Soft Titanium lattice, utilizing a rhombic dodecahedron cell structure.

Specifically, the patent covers the design of structural lattices with enhanced radiographic visibility, allowing physicians to more effectively evaluate bone growth through the titanium implant. This design approach removes the need for a traditional lateral viewing window and enables more scaffolding in the implant to support bony ingrowth and ongrowth. The implant lattice balances structural integrity and porosity while maximizing radiolucency.

Alternative designs aimed at reducing lattice density need to compensate by increasing the thickness and strength of implant’s frame. A thicker frame, including endplates and vertical struts at the implant’s corners, results in stress shielding and reduced differentiation of contrast to discern bone growth inside the implant.

“This most recent patent further validates the Hive technology, while providing value to both surgeons and patients. We are continuing to pursue intellectual property to help differentiate the Soft Titanium® lattice from other designs and implants”, added Ian Helmar, Co-Founder and Vice President of Research & Development at NanoHive Medical, LLC.

NanoHive Medical, LLC is a pioneer and leading innovator in 3D printed spinal interbody fusion implants and instrumentation. The company’s proprietary, biomimetic Soft Titanium® technology clearly distinguishes their products in the $1.9B spinal interbody fusion device market. The Hive™ portfolio of interbody fusion devices provide surgeons and their patients ideal biomechanical elastic modulus properties, clear and precise diagnostic imaging capability, osteoblast cell attraction and integration – all features that lead to consistently strong fusion constructs and efficacious clinical experiences.

NanoHive Medical is located in Woburn, Massachusetts U.S.A.

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